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Life Wellness Occupational Therapy LLC

Improving Mental, Emotional and Physical Health and Wellness by Increasing Independence and Motivation with Daily Activities

Life Wellness Occupational Therapy LLC’s mobile and  community/home-based division is a holistic therapeutic service that comes to You!  Currently, we are serving individuals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey who are experiencing a decline in their physical abilities and/or their emotional and mental health and wellbeing.  This mobile service focuses on increasing quality of life for individuals with disabilities, injuries and diagnoses such as cancer, dementia, arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions, generalized weakness, stroke, COPD,  obesity, decreased activity tolerance and balance with the goal of increasing safety and independence for our client and reducing caregiver burden. For adults who are 65+, Life Wellness is now accepting Medicare Part B for qualified services.  Call, text or send us an email today for a FREE consultation.

Aspire to Become
Aspire to Become

Holistic Occupational Therapy

Life Wellness realizes the challenges of life and the many factors that can limit a person from being their best self.  Life Wellness offers evidence-based information to improve emotional, mental, and physical health; and overall quality of life so that it can be lived to its fullest.

Therefore, Life Wellness is dedicated to providing current evidence-based information that surrounds the many aspects of a person’s life to help the individual to engage in meaningful activities.

Life Wellness understands that sometimes emotional and mental health issues cause a decline in allowing a person to engage in life’s physical activities; and other times, it is a physical disability that creates emotional and mental health issues due to a decrease in living life as one had hoped.  This site is dedicated to helping people to get unstuck and to begin to engage in meaningful, purposeful activities that bring fulfillment and satisfaction in the life of the individual.